Welcome to Panteras by Wilkinson's Online Catalog. There are two ways to find the item you are searching for. If you already know the part number of the item you are looking for, go to the Store Front and enter the part number. From there you can easily locate a photograph, description and price for that part. If you do not know the part number then the catalog is where you should be. Our catalog is a copy of the factory Pantera Parts Book, but this catalog is unique in that each number in the diagram is "live" and will take you to a photograph, description and price for that part. (Note, not all parts will have a photograph). As you browse through the catalog, remember some illustrations may have more than one page so use the next and back buttons in the upper right hand corner. The majority of factory original parts are still available but we continue to research and develop solutions for the discontinued items. Aftermarket parts will be indicated in the catalog by a black circle with a white number (Sample below).

Indication of aftermarket parts

The online parts catalog is to be used as a reference guide and does not reflect the availability or stocking status of parts. Prices are always subject to change. We buy directly from the De Tomaso factory in Italy and if you follow the exchange rate, you know the Euro fluctuates dramatically over the months. We must price accordingly. Although the majority of the data in the catalog is correct, there may be discrepancies in part numbers, photographs and pricing. In such cases, you will be contacted prior to completing your order. We are committed to working with you to assure your complete satisfaction with your purchase and welcome your suggestions in improving our web site.

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Finally, if you have any questions about specific parts for your specific car, just call (562) 634-3434 for expert advice.

Section # Illustration # CHASSIS SECTION
1 1 Wheels, Hub Assemblies and Brakes (Front)
1 2 Wheels, Hub Assemblies and Brakes (Rear)
1 3 Brake Hydraulic System
1 4 Parking Brake System
2 5 Suspension, Shocks, Springs and Related Parts (Front)
2 6 Suspension, Shocks, Springs and Related Parts (Rear)
3 7 Steering System and Column
4 8 Pedals and Linkage
5 9 Clutch and Related Parts
6 10 Shift Linkage, Transaxie Mounts, Speedometer Cables and Adaptors
7 11 Transaxle and Related Parts (External)
7 12 Transaxle and Related Parts (Internal)
7 13 Transaxle Differential and Clutch Release
8 14 Engine Accessories, Brackets, Mounts and Throttle Linkage
9 16 Fuel System
10 17 Exhaust System
11 18 Cooling System
12 19 Heating and Conditioner (1st though 4th Series)
12 20 Heating and Conditioner (From #9000)
13 21 Instrument Panels and Related Parts
14 22 Console, Gauges and Related Parts
15 23 Electrical System, Relays and Related Parts
16 24 External Lamps and Headlight System Mechanism
17 25 Windshield Wipers, Washer, and Wiper Cowl Grilles
Section # Illustration # BODY SECTION
18 26 Exterior Body Parts, Flares, Spoilers, etc.
18 27 Front and Rear Deck Lids and Related Parts
19 28 Front Under Body and Related Parts
19 29 Center Body Structure and Related Parts
19 30 Rear Body Structure and Related Parts
20 31 Doors and Related Parts
20 32 Door Mechanisms, Glass and Weatherstrips
21 33 Engine Covers and Splash Shields
22 34 Exterior Body Accessories
23 35 Bumpers and Related Parts
24 36 Windshield, Rear Glass, 1/4 Window Glass and Mouldings
Section # Illustration # SOFT TRIM SECTION
25 37 Interior Headliner, Door Panels and Related Parts
25 38 Carpeting and Insulation
26 39 Tools, Jack, Spare Tire and Accessories
Section # Illustration # FACTORY ACCESSORIES
27 40 Factory Personal Accessories
28 41 Emblems and Wheels
29 42 Gauges, Switches and Lights


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